3 Reasons You Should Take Your Workout Outdoors This Spring

Longer days, snow melting, and the sun shining, spring is definitely in the air!  You just can’t help but feel a new sense of energy this time of year! After persevering through months of cabin fever, spring is the perfect time of year to begin taking your workout outdoors. In fact, studies show that adding outdoor workouts to your exercise plan is beneficial to your physical and mental health.
Here are three reasons that you should exercise outdoors this spring:
1. You’ll Take It Up a Notch
Studies show that people who add outdoor workouts to their exercise program do at least 30 minutes more moderate to vigorous physical activity per week (Times). Adding outdoor workouts encourages you to mix things up a bit, and – in turn – makes the whole workout a lot more fun. And, those increased endorphins and secretion of serotonin motivate you to workout longer (Times).
2. Your Heart and Mind Will Thank You
A recent study indicated that spending 30 minutes or more per week in outdoor green spaces could actually lower blood pressure. And, when you exercise in natural environments, your risk for mental illnesses significantly decreases (PNAS).

3. You’ll Save Money (and Have More Fun)
With beautiful parks and miles of trails, the Mankato area has so many opportunities for you to take your workout outdoors for free. Whether you hop on the Red Jacket Trail with the family or make a date night out checking out the Walking Sculpture Tour, studies show that “people who exercise outdoors report feeling more revitalized, engaged, and energized than those who did it indoors” (Times).
Ready to take your workout outdoors? Check out these websites for active events and outdoor recreation ideas in the Mankato area: