Mindful Eating During Halloween

Mindful eating is:

  • Choosing to eat food that is pleasing and nourishing to your body by using all of your senses
  • Being aware of positive opportunities available through food preparation and consumption
  • Learning to be aware of hunger cues to guide your decision to start and stop eating
  • Acknowledging responses to food without judgement

Halloween is an exciting season, but some may find themselves anxious and stressed. With all the candy and treats, people tend to get worried about overindulging or their children’s health. Restricting food and making rules can lead to unhealthy habits.

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Here are 4 mindfulness tips to make Halloween food choices less frightening:

  1. Create a healthy environment at home. Parents should offer a variety of food every day and allow their kids listen to their bodies. Kids are very good at recognizing their hunger signals!
  2. Focus on fall activities. Create memories that involve more than treats.
  3. Collecting the candy is the most fun part! Let the kids collect it, sort it, eat it…
  4. Enjoy your candy!
    • Give yourself permission to eat what you want.
    • Savor by using all of your senses to enjoy it to its fullest. Notice the texture, smell, and flavor. Move it around your mouth to let all your taste buds take part.
    • Reflect on why you love that candy? Do you still like it? How do you feel? Are you satisfied and energized? Or are you worrying about the calories you just consumed? Know that everything is okay in moderation.
    • Repeat. Do you want more? Repeat steps 1-4.

When we practice mindful eating, we become confident in eating what we want in a way that makes us feel good!


Written by Lindsey Lahr
Riverfront Hy-Vee Dietitian Assistant