4 Simple Partner Exercises

Quick, effective workouts that you can perform at home are really popular; especially for working parents who don’t have a lot of time to spend exercising. Incorporating your partner, children, and even pets into an at-home workout make it easier to work up a quick sweat.

There really is no excuse to miss out on building your strength and flexibility with these four fun partner exercises demonstrated by the Kruse Family.

Squat + Press

In this exercise, Amanda and Talya demonstrate a classic squat with an upper body press to make this a great full body movement.

Bird Dog

Include your partner in this simple exercise to improve balance and strengthen your core and glutes.

Single Arm Row

Your four-legged family members can make great workout buddies! Combine their playtime with your fitness time with this single-arm row variation.

Push Motion

A great follow-up for the row exercise to strengthen the opposite muscle groups is the push motion.


We hope you enjoy these fun, easy partner exercises that your whole family can enjoy together!