How to Shovel Snow the Right Way

It’s almost the end of March in Minnesota, and we still have a lot of snow to take care of. With temperatures quickly rising, it is a good idea to shovel away any snow piled up against your home to avoid surprise leaks or flooding in your basement. But shoveling wet snow means shoveling that it will be very heavy, so maintaining proper form is essential to avoid injury. Todd demonstrates the proper way to shovel snow; making sure to not turn or twist your body is key!


With such deep snow after one of the snowiest winters EVER, trying to shovel from the bottom of the pile is not a great idea. Work your way down from the top. It might take a little longer but working away at your snow piles from the top-down is the best way to avoid hurting yourself. Todd demonstrates how this looks in this video:


We hope these videos help you accomplish the perfect shoveling form! If you still end up with an injury from this pesky job, be sure to schedule an appointment and start your personalized care plan right away!