May is National Bike Month! We use this time to celebrate bicycling as a pastime, workout, and mode of transportation. National Bike Month began in 1956, sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists, and features tons of fun events in honor of biking and what it means to so many people in our communities. Some activities include National Bike to Work Week May 13-19, and for those who can only dedicate one day to the new commute style, National Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 17.

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One of the main focuses during this month is using your bike to commute to work. Biking to work has great benefits for employees and for businesses; a study recently found that “… [adults] who biked to work were fitter, leaner, less likely to be obese, and had better triglyceride levels, blood pressure, and insulin levels than those who didn’t active commute to work” (BikeMN). For businesses, not only do you get healthier, happier employees, but the study also found that bike commuters take an average of 15% less days off due to illness that those who do not have an active commute (BikeMN).

If you are thinking about becoming a bike commuter, or want to start biking for your health, it’s important that your bike fits your anatomy properly to avoid injury and to make the most of your rides. “Proper bike fit means you have a position on the bike that lets you ride as long as you want, as hard as you want, and stay comfortable the entire time. A good fit can also help prevent overuse injuries that result from an improper position” (Bicycling). This video from REI outlines the four fit considerations for finding the perfect bike for you!


Ensuring that you have the right bike frame, seat height and position might still leave you feeling uncomfortable during or after your bike ride. Most bike shops offer a variety of fitting services; the Nicollet Bike & Ski shop right here in Mankato offers several fitting services to help you find the perfect bike and set up for your body. Give them a call to set up a quick fitting so you can enjoy an injury-free bike season!