Exercises to Prevent Injury & Improve Performance

In this video series, Amanda demonstrates several movements that are used for injury prevention and cross training. If you’re an athlete, incorporating exercises like these will help you to prevent overuse injury and improve your overall performance.

Slow Motion Heel Raises

Maintain strength and sliding of the Achilles tendon while also getting a nice stretch. Add more of a challenge and try them single legged!

Standing Fire Hydrant

Strengthen your hips and improve your balance with this challenging exercise. We share a simple modification to try to fit your capabilities with this movement.

[View exercise here].

Side Plank

This is a great exercise, especially for runners. We share three variations to increase difficulty and focus on the hips and lateral trunk.

Shoulder Movements

In this video, we share two preventative exercises for shoulder issues. Both of these movements can be performed with light weights, but the focus of these is on endurance to counteract common shoulder issues and injury.

[View exercise here].

Add these movements to your weekly training plan and let us know how they benefit your overall performance!