Nutrition is often lauded as the most difficult piece to master when trying to live an overall healthy lifestyle, and it’s not too hard to see why. We are surrounded by the temptation of unhealthy food options wherever we go, and if you aren’t prepared, you can find yourself ordering at the drive thru in the blink of an eye. It’s not difficult to learn what a healthy diet should look like – there are countless, free online resources to help you build an eating style that works with your life and budget. In this blog, we help you uncover some new motivation to help you stick to your nutrition goals and crush your other goals at the same time!

Keep it Simple

When you adopt a new way of eating, you need to keep it simple or you won’t be able to stick with it for the long haul. Before deciding on a diet, ask yourself if it will work with your budget and schedule. Does this plan require that you buy an extensive amount of ingredients? Does it require you to cook new things for every meal? Keep it simple and find a combination of healthy meals and ingredients that works best for you.

4 tips to pick a healthy diet that works for you and that you can stick to

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Seek Support for Accountability

It’s always easier to stick to your goals when you have someone doing it with you and cheering you on. This can be a friend, partner, sibling, child, parent, or coworker – just find someone who you can look to for support and to hold you accountable. The best option would be to find someone who you live with so you can cook and prepare meals together as a team.

Don’t Pick a Quick Fix

There are countless fad diets and cleanses out there that boast big weight loss in a small amount of time. While these crash diets might be effective for losing a few pounds quickly, they are not sustainable and often result in a yo-yo dieting trend. You need to find a healthy way of eating that will ultimately become part of an overall healthy lifestyle that you are excited to live!

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Tie it to Other Goals

An overall healthy lifestyle that is sustainable and improves your quality of life is the ultimate goal. When you tie your healthy diet to other goals, you are more likely to stick to them. Whether you want to get stronger, reduce chronic pain, improve flexibility, lower blood pressure, etc., tie it to your diet so you can see how health really does affect the overall functioning of your body and how you feel every day!