These past few months, we have found ourselves in unprecedented circumstances that have truly altered our daily lives. Through this, we have remained committed to providing our patients and community with the personalized physical therapy that they deserve from our team. We want you to know that we are open and ready to take on new patients to help you stay active, continue healing, and make movement a priority every day.

Keeping Our Patients Safe

Our number one priority at Optivus is to improve the well-being and quality of life for our patients, so keeping you safe during the COVID-19 pandemic is critical to our everyday operations.

Facility Cleaning & Sanitizing Procedures

Daily sanitation is of utmost importance to us, and we are following these procedures to ensure a sanitary environment for our staff and patients:

Cleaning the Clinic

    1. All front desk hard surfaces including waiting area tables and chairs, door handles at Main Entrance, and automatic door buttons are to be wiped down every 30 minutes.
    2. FOTO computer should be wiped down immediately following patient handling.
    3. The following should be wiped down immediately after patient contact: Plinths/bolsters, face cushions, mobilization and gait belts, goniometers, grip/pinch gauge, push/pull gauge, tape measures, CROM, modality equipment (i.e., Ultrasound heads, traction belts), machines/controls; Graston & ASTYM tools, MFD equipment; exercise equipment controls, free weights, theraband/tubing, canes/walkers; therapy balls.
    4. The following should be wiped down on an hourly basis: Handrails, doorknobs, flags, light switches, sink faucets, toilet handles, counter tops, chair handles.
    5. The following should be wiped down on a daily basis: Computers, personal workstation, remote controls, telephone receivers, personal keyboards of clinic staff.
    6. No fluidotherapy or paraffin units used at this time.
    7. Treatment tables are kept 6 ft apart and patients are treated in rooms when possible.
    8. Avoid more than 8 people in common areas.

Along with these cleaning procedures, our team is also following strict cleaning procedures to ensure proper sanitation of clinic equipment and practicing diligent personal hygiene. We are also asking that any patient who exhibits any symptoms related to COVID-19 to reschedule their appointment until symptoms have subsided for at least 3 days after symptoms subside and at least 10 days after symptoms began (CDC).

All patients are required to fill out and/or verify their status on our COVID-19 screening questionnaire upon arrival to their scheduled appointments, and beginning June 1st, 2020, everyone will be required to wear a mask upon entering our facility. Along with these precautions, we also ask that patients come to their appointments alone. If they need assistance, guests will be required to wear masks, answer a questionnaire about COVID-19 exposure, and may be asked to wait in a treatment room until the session is complete. If possible, guests should wait outside or in the car.

Getting a Referral

If you are a new patient, this is the process you should follow to make your first appointment to ensure insurance coverage:

1. Check with your insurance company to see if a referral is required by calling the Customer Support number on the back of the insurance card (all medicaid & medicare plans require referral).

  • If referral is needed per insurance, call your doctor to explain your situation and ask for a Physical Therapy referral.
    • We offer Prompt Pay option at a discounted rate for those who do not want to bill insurance.*
    • *Prompt Pay discount applies ONLY if payment is received BEFORE scheduled appointment begins. If insurance is billed, discount does not apply. If prompt pay is desired, it should be indicated prior to the first appointment. Call for details.
    • Patient should know:
      • We see patients in clinic for outpatient physical therapy services.
      • Other names: Therapy Partners Inc., Wenger Physical Therapy
      • Verify whether or not we are In or Out of network to understand what insurance will pay for.
      • Patient may ask for his/her benefits to be verified to understand what amount, if any, will be covered by insurance and what will be patient’s responsibility.

2. If no referral is required OR if the referral has been sent, call us at 507-625-8017 to set up an appointment and be prepared to provide:

  • Demographic Info (name, date of birth, phone number, etc.)
  • Insurance info (ID & group numbers, if applicable)
  • Current condition (info about your injury)

We also offer free 15-minute phone consults for people that are considering physical therapy or those that have questions about what physical therapy is and how our Physical Therapists can help your condition. Anyone interested should call our office to schedule a consult.

We hope these procedures help to ensure your comfort during your next visit to Optivus. We are honored to continue serving you and the Greater Mankato Area community.