We are proud to help those in the Greater Mankato Area live the best life possible by helping them to gain and maintain the mobility they need to perform the activities they love. We want to make physical therapy accessible to anyone who needs it, so in this post, we will share more about who we are and how you can come to see us.

Who We Are

Previously Wenger Physical Therapy, we have been serving the Greater Mankato community since 1978. Our team of Physical Therapists works closely with each of their patients to create practical, conservative care plans that are tailored to their unique injury and situation.

We offer a variety of specialty services to meet all our patients’ needs. They include the following:

  1. Aquatic Therapy
  2. Athletic Training
  3. Blood Flow Restriction Therapy
  4. Concussion Rehabilitation
  5. Pre- and Post-Surgery
  6. TMD/TMJ

These and several other areas allow us to treat your injury and help you to live a healthy and happy life!

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How to See Us

If you are a new patient, this is the process you should follow to make your first appointment to ensure insurance coverage:

  1. Check with your insurance company to see if a referral is required by calling the Customer Support number on the back of the insurance card (all Medicaid & Medicare plans require a referral).
    • If a referral is needed per insurance, call your doctor to explain your situation and ask for a Physical Therapy referral.
      • We offer Prompt Pay option at a discounted rate for those who do not want to bill insurance.*
      • *Prompt Pay discount applies ONLY if payment is received BEFORE scheduled appointment begins. If insurance is billed, discount does not apply. If Prompt Pay is desired, it should be indicated prior to the first appointment. Call for details.
      • Patient should know:
        • We see patients in clinic for outpatient physical therapy services.
        • Other names: Therapy Partners Inc., Wenger Physical Therapy
        • Verify whether or not we are In or Out of network to understand what insurance will pay for.
        • Patient may ask for his/her benefits to be verified to understand what amount, if any, will be covered by insurance and what will be patient’s responsibility.
  2. If no referral is required OR if the referral has been sent, call us at 507-625-8017to set up an appointment and be prepared to provide:
    • Demographic Info (name, date of birth, phone number, etc.)
    • Insurance info (ID & group numbers, if applicable)
    • Current condition (info about your injury)

We also offer free 15-minute phone consults for people that are considering physical therapy or those that have questions about what physical therapy is and how our Physical Therapists can help your condition. Anyone interested should call our office at #507-625-8017 to schedule a consult.