We are honored to work with patients who are proud veterans. As we celebrate Veteran’s Day, we wanted to share the story of one of our wonderful patients, Judy Schwartz. Judy is a highly intelligent woman with extensive experience in the medical field. We are so pleased to share Judy’s story with you. She shares her inspiring story about her time in the service, working with our team to overcome obstacles, build strength, and maintain her independence. Enjoy!

“I was a Navy Cardiothoracic surgeon. As such, I referred patients to physical therapy for the primary purpose of establishing sufficient functional return that they could continue on active duty or do the best they could as a civilian. I trusted the therapist to identify and implement the regimen they thought would be the most successful in meeting that mission. I learned personally how important that was after I requited multiple operations and needed therapy myself.

As a veteran, I learned that many civilian doctors expect therapists to use relatively strict protocols. As a result, some therapists do not learn how to adapt to a patient with unique needs.

I was fortunate to learn about Optivus several years ago after moving here following complications after a total knee replacement. My leg and core muscles were so weak I could barely walk with a walker and had to start with pool exercises. Unfortunately, before I could get to a good place with strengthening, I had to have another joint replacement, and then two more. Each operation would set me back on my journey to recovery.

I remember Todd walking behind me and calling cadence “heel toe, heel toe” to teach my leg muscles how to work together. Now, I’m mostly walking with just a cane for support and working to gain strength and stamina to become more independent.

If you’re just starting a rehab program, don’t be too discouraged or frustrated by the setbacks you’re likely to experience. This team will help you overcome them. They adjust treatment to your unique needs.

Keep focused on your mission. You know how to handle obstacles to adjust and overcome.

Thank you for your service.

-Judy E. Schwartz, CAPT, MC, USN (ret.)”


Thank you so much for your words, Judy! We are confident that your story will help inspire other veterans to advocate for their own journeys toward recovery.