The 2020 holiday season is right around the corner, and while you might be ready to kick your healthy eating habits to the curb until the New Year, we encourage you to try some health-conscious substitutes instead! Sometimes, a simple ingredient swap can take a dish from a full-on diet-buster to a happy, healthy-ish medium. Keep reading for our favorite holiday dish ingredient swaps and healthy recipes to try!

Ingredient Swap

As you being to make your holiday menus, we recommend keeping these simple ingredient swaps in mind so you’re prepared to make the switch while you’re preparing your feast!

  1. Use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream.
  2. Serve hummus and veggies instead of a high-calorie dip and bread
  3. Use whole grain bread in your stuffing instead of white
  4. Make your own cranberry sauce instead of buying from the store to avoid all the sugar
  5. Serve whole wheat rolls instead of white
  6. Roast your sweet potatoes instead of making a full-of-sugar casserole
  7. Serve fresh green beans instead of green bean casserole
  8. Have roasted fruit with homemade whipped cream for dessert instead of pie

These are some simple, healthy, and delicious swaps you can make for your holiday meal. We promise, your family will still love every bite, too. Now, let’s dive into some recipe ideas that incorporate some of these swaps.

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Healthy Recipes

There are some great recipes that put a healthy twist on your favorite holiday dishes. Here are some of our favorites!

  1. Greek yogurt dip
  2. Homemade hummus
  3. Garlic mashed cauliflower
  4. Grilled peaches with whipped cream
  5. Maple roasted sweet potatoes
  6. Roasted green beans
  7. Classic whole wheat stuffing

We hope you give one, or a few, of these healthy recipes a try this holiday season. There are still packed with flavor and will give you that comforting feeling that is special to this time of year. Happy and healthy celebrating, everyone!