We had the time to sit down with Estelle, a former patient with Optivus Physical Therapy, and ask her some questions about her journey to recovery. Estelle has received treatment through both physical therapy and chiropractic care and she’s here to tell us about the benefits she has experienced from combined care.

What was your reason for seeking out Physical Therapy at Optivus?

“I had been in a car accident and, Optivus Physical Therapy was recommended to me by my chiropractor to improve my recovery.”

Was this your first time trying physical therapy? If so, was there anything about your first experience that surprised you or you didn’t expect?

“It was my first time going to physical therapy on a regular basis. I had previously seen a physical therapist for injuries in high school, but those experiences were more along the lines of following a list of exercise recommendations. Going to Optivus was SO different. It was a very personal experience, and they helped me get the results I wanted. I was surprised at the amount of time slotted for me as a patient with my physical therapist, Todd, and I really felt cared for and heard when it came to my care and concerns as well as my progress.”

What was your favorite part about your care at Optivus?

“The caring environment. You could tell the physical therapists really cared for their patients, and it was such a fun environment. I am so glad to be doing better, but I miss going to Optivus and seeing everyone!” 

Where are you at with your physical therapy + chiropractic journey now?

“I am still working. I still deal with a chronic injury, but with what I have experienced and learned from physical therapy and chiropractic care, I have been able to return to activities that were impossible before.” 

What benefit do you feel the combination of PT and Chiropractic care had on your condition?

“The combination of physical therapy and chiropractic, along with massages have allowed me to keep working, keep playing with my kids, and deal with lingering issues from my accident. I may never be 100% recovered but I am much closer now and can enjoy life in ways that were impossible after my accident. Physical therapy and chiropractic got me headed in the right direction.”