As we age, maintaining good balance is important for preventing serious falls and injuries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 3 million people each year are treated for fall injuries in emergency departments. So what can we do to help prevent a serious fall or injury? First things first, it’s a good idea to test our balance and identify where our weaknesses lie.

  1. To determine how strong your standing balance is, lift one foot and see how long you can hold your stance.
  2. To test your balance while you move, try walking heel to toe in a straight line for 10 steps.

If you struggle with either of these exercises, you could benefit from some simple, balance-improving exercises. Watch the video below for some easy, at-home exercises for improving balance.

If you are unsteady on your feet or require assistance to squat or stand up from a chair, it’s best to contact your trusted Physical Therapist for assistance with these exercises.