We had the opportunity to chat with Paula Prybylla, DC at Kato Family Chiropractic, and ask her some questions about combining chiropractic care and physical therapy. Dr. Paula sheds light on how the two can complement each other in a patient’s recovery journey and ultimately speed up the recovery process.

When do you decide to send your patients to Physical Therapy?

“If my patient fails to respond to typical chiropractic care or seems like they keep having the same problems due to overuse or postural issue, I will recommend them to physical therapy for continued care.”

How do you view your role when working with a Physical Therapist for a patient’s care?

“I see chiropractic as the passive care part of the treatment plan and physical therapy as the active care part of the treatment plan. I feel both treatments belong together if you want to see lasting relief for most patients.”

What has been your experience with Physical Therapy when it comes to patients who have been in auto accidents? How does Physical Therapy in conjunction with Chiropractic care benefit these patients?

“Same as the answer to the previous question. I can help with joint motion and muscle pain initially to calm down the sprains and soft tissue trauma that occur in auto accidents. Physical therapy can help with the muscle stretching and strengthening when decreased pain makes that tolerable. Chiropractic care can help also with the soreness that may occur when getting into or through the physical therapy treatment plan. Put both types of care together, and you see patients healing faster and needing less long-term care.”

How can Physical Therapists and Chiropractors together provide the best care for patients?

“Physical therapy and chiropractic can work together in the best interests of the patient. Historically, there has been some competition in the physical therapy and chiropractic world, and I feel that is misguided. I feel physical therapists are best at active treatment programs, evaluating muscle movement, and coming up with care programs to address imbalances in the muscles. I feel chiropractors are best at evaluating the bone and joint motion and how the nervous system is influenced by that, then coming up with adjustments to whichever joints are not moving well and helping the bones, joints, and nerves that way. If you can create a treatment plan that combines physical therapy with chiropractic care, the winner is the patient!”


Answers were provided by Paula Prybylla, DC at Kato Family Chiropractic