What are Fit-For-Life and SilverSneakers?

Fit-For-Life is a gym membership program that was started when our facility was still called Wenger Physical Therapy. It’s a way for former patients to continue to be active long after their physical therapy treatment has ended. SilverSneakers is a program offered through some insurance companies in which they will issue you a card to swipe and will reimburse our clinic for your visits. Both of these programs encourage staying active as part of a healthy lifestyle!

What hours are available for sign-up?

Our hours of availability vary depending on our current patients and our physical therapists’ schedules. Clients may call any day to schedule for the current week and Fridays to schedule for the next week. Our available slots range from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm for one hour at a time. You may schedule multiple slots per week, but we ask that you only take one hour slot per day.

Are these programs only available to patients of Optivus PT?

Scheduling is available to anyone in the community. We will just ask that you sign a waiver at your first visit that outlines our policies and responsibilities. Our programs are most often offered to former patients that have become familiar with our facility and the equipment available, but anyone can sign up!

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What do these programs include?

Our SilverSneakers and Fit-For-Life members can enjoy the use of our gym equipment and our warm water pool. However, we do have patients scheduled for physical therapy appointments and we may ask our members to modify their workouts if our patients require the use of the machines.

How much will it cost me to sign up?

There is no cost to sign up! We only charge $5 per day for anyone that does not have SilverSneakers. Those that do have SilverSneakers just need to scan their card before using our facility. We do not offer a monthly membership at this time but we may offer this again when more restrictions are lifted. We will update our members of any changes made to our Fit-For-Life and SilverSneakers programs via our website, blog, and social media posts.

How do I get started?

To get started, you may stop in or call our office at 507-625-8017 to inquire about available appointments for the current week. If you call on Friday, you may schedule times for the next week as well.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to Amanda at 507-625-8017 or amanda@optivuspt.com.

Stay Active!