The Greater Mankato Area has proudly been the home to Nicollet Bike & Ski for 50 years and we had the time to sit down with owners, Jenna and Justin Rinehart to ask them some questions about their shop in Old Town Mankato.


Tell us about Nicollet Bike & Ski and how it got started.

Nicollet Bike & Ski (formerly Nicollet South Bike Shop) has been in existence for 50 years. The previous owners started the shop out of their garage, 3 miles south of the town of Nicollet. The business grew over the years and became a regional destination for bicycle sales and service. My husband, Justin had worked in the business for 13 years when we decided to purchase it when the original owners were ready to retire. We ran the shop out of the Nicollet location for 1 year before moving it to Old Town Mankato in the fall of 2011. In 2019, Jon Anderson of Flying Penguin Sports joined our team and we added skis and snowshoes to the store. We have seen significant growth in our cycling community over the last 10 years, which we are honored to be a part of.”


What products and services do you offer at Nicollet Bike & Ski?

“We are a full-service, retail bicycle, and ski shop. We offer repair and maintenance services on all types of bicycles, and skis. We also offer a full product selection for bicycles, accessories, and apparel. We have an array of options for cycling in Mankato, so we carry a diverse selection of bicycles. Kids bikes, adult hybrids, mountain bikes, road bikes, gravel bikes, electric-assist bicycles, tricycles, recumbents, and used bikes. We offer bicycle fitting, group rides with several different paced options, and several special event rides throughout the year. In the winter, we have new and used skis, snowshoes, and winter apparel and gear.”


I’m new to cycling and want to get to know the local trails. Can you point me in the right direction?

“I would recommend stopping in our shop to get a copy of our local trail map. Be sure to chat with our staff and get some personal recommendations. You can also check out our website trails and routes section to get a GPS file of our favorite routes in the area. The Visit Mankato website is another great resource.”

How can I properly maintain my bike? What if something breaks?

“There are a couple of simple things you can do for regular maintenance. One would be to make sure you have proper air pressure in your tires. The range will be listed on the sidewall of your tire and you should check this weekly. You also want to make sure you lube your chain. If your chain needs lube, it will sound loud and have a whistle-type noise and it will also feel dry. If you get caught in the rain, you want to make sure you wipe the water off your chain and apply fresh lube, so it doesn’t rust. Besides those simple things, we recommend you bring your bike in annually for a tune-up. Bicycles need fine-tuning as the bike is ridden and regular maintenance will help prolong the life of your bike.”


What else do you want people to know about Nicollet Bike & Ski Shop?

“We service all types of riders here and love to help new riders get into the sport. Cycling is our passion, and it’s so rewarding to share that with others!”


Be sure to stop in and meet our passionate team!

Located at 607 N Riverfront Drive Mankato, MN