When it comes to men’s health, it’s important to listen to your body, ask questions about your family history, and commit to living a healthy lifestyle. Exercise and proper nutrition are fundamental to your health and preventing disease.

Compared to women, men are more likely to smoke, drink, participate in risky behavior, and avoid regular checkups. Fortunately, it’s never too late to take charge of your health and start making decisions to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Here are a few simple tips for staying on top of your health:

1) Start by asking questions about your family history. Talk to your family members about any history of heart disease, prostate, or testicular cancers, and diabetes. Simply being in the know about your family history is important for the early prevention and detection of disease.

2) Cut back on unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking, or indulging in unhealthy foods. Remember to avoid smoking, and enjoy unhealthy foods and alcohol in moderation.

3) Get regular checkups. It’s never too late to call up your doctor and be seen for preventative checkups. A simple office visit could be the first step in the detection of early disease and it’s important to make sure your blood pressure and cholesterol are in check.

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