During the holidays, we are surrounded by delicious food and beverages for months straight. It can be easy to forgo your healthy habits and indulge a little as you revel in the joy of the season. If you’ve been creating a healthy + active lifestyle for yourself, it is possible to celebrate while staying on track with your goals. Check out these tips for maintaining during the holiday season!

1. Practice moderation. It’s okay to treat yourself to your favorite foods throughout the holidays but try not to overdo it. A small serving size of your favorite dessert or limiting yourself to one alcoholic beverage can help you maintain your goals while still enjoying the things you love.
2. Don’t wait until the new year. If you’ve been wanting to get active and eat better, there’s no rule that says you have to wait until the new year or set resolutions. Start taking small, measurable actions in the right direction each day to truly adjust to a healthier lifestyle.
3. Find creative ways to stay active. The holiday season is typically synonymous with colder weather. This can make it tough to stay motivated or get outdoors. Try finding other ways to get active in your home, at work, or simply while out and about running errands. There are also a bunch of great outdoor activities to keep you and your family active during winter, like skiing or ice skating, just be sure to bundle up and dress appropriately.
4. Get your rest. Late nights, early mornings, and getting out of your typical sleeping pattern is bound to happen when celebrating with friends and family. Ensure your allotting yourself enough time each night to get your eight hours. Make it a point to head to bed around your usual bed time to try and keep your body regulated.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s important to allow yourself to enjoy yourself during the holidays. Completely cutting out the things you love can make you more likely to fall off the wagon and back into bad habits. Changing your lifestyle isn’t something you can do cold turkey. Use moderation, maintain your activity + rest level, and eat healthy when possible. Wishing you all a happy holidays as we head into 2022!