Lucas Seehafer - Physical TherapistPT

Lucas grew up in Winthrop, Minessota and attended GFW High School. He went on to study at Bethany Lutheran College and the University of South Dakota.

Lucas’ specialties include treating athletic injuries, orthopedic conditions, blood flow restriction therapy, manual therapy, strength and conditioning

Lucas now lives in Mankato with his wife, Aimie and enjoys running and writing in his free time.


Q: What makes you excited to jump out of bed and head to work each day?
A: I love interacting with patients and helping guide them towards their goals. I believe deeply that physical therapists should act in the best interests of their patients, so having the opportunity to do that day in and day out is a really cool experience.

Q: What is one thing you’d like every patient to walk away with from their experience at Optivus Physical Therapy?
A: I try to accomplish two tasks during every patient visit. First, I want my patients walking out the door with more answers than questions. I’m not doing my job if a patient is confused about anything regarding the rehabilitation process. I also want the patients to understand that I am there to help them during their rehab journey and that I will do everything in my power to do so.

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