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Specialty Services

The Optivus team helps athletes get back to full participation after an injury. We work alongside individuals ranging from high-school and college students to recreational and occasional athletes to:
  • Minimize downtime from an injury
  • Keep the athletes safe and active throughout recovery
  • Provide practical advice about the injury, rehabilitation, and what to expect when returning to sport
Our goal is to keep our patients active throughout their plan of care so that they can continue to pursue the sports and lifestyle that they love!
Physical therapy can work to address balance deficits, impaired endurance, and weakness during and after cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and/or surgical treatments. 
We believe staying active is a key part of managing your pain but understand how difficult this can be. We work alongside our patients, empowering them by helping them understand their pain and help them take back control of their lives so that they can enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle again.
Our Optivus team is experienced in Graston Technique, and we work alongside our patients to determine if this is the best plan of care.
Nerve related discomfort can mask itself as muscle, joint, or other impairments. These nerve related issues are often missed in physical therapy and may be continue to be bothersome if not addressed directly. Nerves require mobility to slide, blood flow, and space to move. If any of these areas are limited then symptoms may arise, such as with Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow, or ankle sprains. Neural mobilization is the specialized movement of nerves with distinct and specific body positions that act to improve mobility, decrease pain, and return you back to your previous level of activity. 
Our team includes Physical Therapists with the following certifications in this area of specialty:
  • Level 1 Certification of Clinical Neurodynamics (NDS) – Upper Extremity
  • Level 1 Certification of Clinical Neurodynamics (NDS) – Lower Extremity
With areas of focus on Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), balance, and adaptation exercises to reduce dizziness, our team has the special training and experience to help patients with vestibular rehabilitation. 

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*According to Minnesota law, no referral is required to choose your preferred physical therapy clinic. However, some insurances may require a doctor referral. Contact our support staff if you have questions regarding this.