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Specialty Services

The Optivus team helps athletes get back to full participation after an injury. We work alongside individuals ranging from high-school and college students to recreational and occasional athletes to:
  • Minimize downtime from an injury
  • Keep the athletes safe and active throughout recovery
  • Provide practical advice about the injury, rehabilitation, and what to expect when returning to sport
Our goal is to keep our patients active throughout their plan of care so that they can continue to pursue the sports and lifestyle that they love!
We believe that strengthening is important for recovery but sometimes, due to structural issues or pain, the load required for strengthening is not tolerable. Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) therapy is a unique method of getting the benefit of heavy-load resistance training with a lighter load and is supported by research.
Blood flow restriction (BFR) rehabilitation is the brief and intermittent occlusion of blood flow using a cuff while exercising. Using this technique, you can exercise with significantly lighter weight and achieve similar effects of muscle growth to lifting a heavy weight when healthy. This is also a very effective intervention to decrease pain that you may be having. Research supports the use and safety of BFR. 
Our Optivus team is experienced in Graston Technique, and we work alongside our patients to determine if this is the best plan of care.
We believe staying active is a key part of managing your pain but understand how difficult this can be. We work alongside our patients, empowering them by helping them understand their pain and help them take back control of their lives so that they can enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle again.

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*According to Minnesota law, no referral is required to choose your preferred physical therapy clinic. However, some insurances may require a doctor referral. Contact our support staff if you have questions regarding this.