Alexandra AltClinic Support, Personal Trainer
Alexandra was first exposed to physical therapy as a child. With both a personal injury that required therapy and an uncle who went through extensive therapy after becoming a double amputee, Alexandra saw firsthand the positive impact that physical therapy can have on people’s lives. She is currently a student a Minnesota State University and is majoring in Exercise Science (Pre-Physical Therapy).


Q: Why did you accept the opportunity to work at Optivus Physical Therapy?
A: The clinic environment, team, and patients are all amazing. I enjoy being able to learn more about the profession I plan on going into after college!

Q: Tell us a little more about you.
A: I am the youngest of three; I have two older sisters and two nieces. I’m an avid horseback rider and started when I was around the age of 3. I also have a husky that I often go hiking with. I enjoy staying active and engaging in activities for fun such as ice skating, snowboarding, hockey, sand volleyball, tennis and anything that has to do with art. During the summer months I enjoy camping and traveling.

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