A History of Excellence

Previously Wenger Physical Therapy, Optivus Physical Therapy has been serving Greater Mankato since 1978. Optivus is committed to excellence, creating practical, individualized plans of care for each patient.

Our Core Values

We are our clients’ biggest advocates. We work with them to create realistic, practical plans to recover from injury using conservative care. We empower the Greater Mankato community to live healthy lives, and to think differently about how to care for injuries.
  • Flexible – With morning and evening appointments, Optivus works with you to find the time that works best with your schedule.

  • Excellence – Optivus Physical Therapy is Mankato’s trusted clinic for conservative care that is tailored to your situation.

  • Specialized – Optivus Physical Therapy specializes in conservative care, and each Physical Therapist is an undeniable expert in the field.

  • Practical – The Optivus staff works with each patient to create an individualized plan, supporting them through each step toward recovery.

Meet Our Staff

Our Expertise

  • Upper Body – Our Physical Therapists are experienced at analyzing the pain or limitations from your shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand.

  • Lower Body – The Optivus team of Physical Therapists are experts at how to assess and conservatively treat conditions of the hip, knee, foot, and ankle.

  • Back & Neck – Chosen as a first option to assess and treat back and neck injuries, we give practical initial care focused on education and safe, simple approaches based on how your body heals.

  • Specialized Care – Our Physical Therapists have unique resources to provide aquatic therapy, pain education, and TMJ/TMD care.

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Patient Success Stories

Thank you for the caring, positive way you had me rehab. Your genuine concern to make sure all of the exercises and machines used were appropriate for me. I am also very happy with the home exercises you gave me and my overall progress. Thank you to all of the staff as well for their help in figuring out schedules and their interactions with clients.


Thank you so much for helping me be able to walk again. I was able to walk and stand all day in the delivery room [for my daughter’s labor]. I was so glad to be there and help her. My feet and ankles felt great. Thanks to all you did to help me recover.


I have liked my therapy at Optivus Physical Therapy. It’s close to my home. I came here when I had two total knees done. Everyone is very helpful in every way.


Optivus Physical Therapy did an awesome job working with my doctors developing a treatment program for my recovery by setting goals and getting back to work. This also made it possible for me to return to the other activities and hobbies I love. A big thank you to Todd and the rest of the team at Optivus!


At each visit my physical therapist always listened to what I was going through at that time and adjusted therapy according to my pain. I was taught how to do the right exercise for my knees and I have seen great results. The whole staff at Optivus is very caring and understanding. I could never thank them enough for all their help.


Natasha, your explanations of how and why prescribed exercises would help me put my injury into a manageable and understandable framework. Additionally, your patience when explaining again why certain activities should not be done versus scolding was encouraging and much appreciated.


Severe hip pain, complicated by an old back injury, left me limping. However, Natasha monitored my progress, constantly exploring exercises and massage that might strengthen my hip and back muscles. I am indebted to her; she is the consummate professional. I highly recommend Natasha and appreciate the professionalism of the Optivus staff.


I had great results! I was given clear advice on what to do and what not to do for my meniscus tear. The directions for my exercises were precise and thorough. Todd watched my form very closely. This along with an accurate prescription of exercise led to my success and a full recovery!


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