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Optivus Physical Therapy is committed to helping the Greater Mankato community live healthy, active lives through both Physical Therapy and Athletic Training. No doctor referral is needed to work with our team of specialists.*

Areas of Specialty

Aquatic Therapy
Athletic Training
Blood Flow Restriction Therapy
Concussion Rehabilitation
Functional Capacity Evaluations
Industrial Medicine
Pre- and Post-Surgery
Specialty Services
Student Observation
Vertigo Treatment

Areas of Specialty

We work alongside our patients to provide the best possible surgical outcomes by:

  • Decreasing pain and swelling
  • Improving strength and muscle control
  • Improving muscle control
  • Empowering patients to understand practical recovery after surgery

Our team works directly with our patients’ surgeons to develop a plan of care to maximize recovery after surgery. Our case load encompasses everything from routine, local surgeries to complex, specialty surgeries that are done across the country. Our team has invaluable experience in rehabilitation of musculoskeletal surgeries from head to toe.

The Optivus team helps athletes get back to full participation after an injury. We work alongside individuals ranging from high-school and college students to recreational and occasional athletes to:

  • Minimize downtime from an injury
  • Keep the athletes safe and active throughout recovery
  • Provide practical advice about the injury, rehabilitation, and what to expect when returning to sport

Our goal is to keep our patients active throughout their plan of care so that they can continue to pursue the sports and lifestyle that they love!

Optivus Physical Therapy is the only clinic in the Greater Mankato with our own in-house aquatic therapy center. Our exclusive pool is set at a constant temperature of 92˚, which is ideal for:

  • Maximizing relief of pain and stiffness
  • Allowing for more mobility and less pressure on joints due to buoyancy
  • Administering fluid resistance that adds variability for strengthening
  • Providing an invaluable solution for patients with painful spinal conditions

Our team provides Athletic Training services for a wide variety of events within the Greater Mankato area.

We offer CPR/First Aid/Basic Life Support training through the American Red Cross.

We believe staying active is a key part of managing your pain but understand how difficult this can be. We work alongside our patients, empowering them by helping them understand their pain and help them take back control of their lives so that they can enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle again.

We believe that strengthening is important for recovery but sometimes, due to structural issues or pain, the load required for strengthening is not tolerable. Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) therapy is a unique method of getting the benefit of heavy-load resistance training with a lighter load and is supported by research.

Our team works to develop, customize, and perform tests to determine if potential employees are capable of performing necessary job tasks for companies in the Greater Mankato area.

The Optivus team is proud to provide on-site injury prevention and consultation services to minimize healthcare costs to employers.

Fit-for-Life members receive exclusive access to our pool, gym, and locker room.

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From migraine treatment and chronic disease prevention to safe pain management, physical therapy enables patients to move forward confidently with an active, healthy lifestyle. Learn more about the benefits and capabilities of physical therapy from the American Physical Therapy Association.

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Patient Success Stories

Thank you for the caring, positive way you had me rehab. Your genuine concern to make sure all of the exercises and machines used were appropriate for me. I am also very happy with the home exercises you gave me and my overall progress. Thank you to all of the staff as well for their help in figuring out schedules and their interactions with clients.


Thank you so much for helping me be able to walk again. I was able to walk and stand all day in the delivery room [for my daughter’s labor]. I was so glad to be there and help her. My feet and ankles felt great. Thanks to all you did to help me recover.


I have liked my therapy at Optivus Physical Therapy. It’s close to my home. I came here when I had two total knees done. Everyone is very helpful in every way.


Optivus Physical Therapy did an awesome job working with my doctors developing a treatment program for my recovery by setting goals and getting back to work. This also made it possible for me to return to the other activities and hobbies I love. A big thank you to Todd and the rest of the team at Optivus!


At each visit my physical therapist always listened to what I was going through at that time and adjusted therapy according to my pain. I was taught how to do the right exercise for my knees and I have seen great results. The whole staff at Optivus is very caring and understanding. I could never thank them enough for all their help.


Natasha, your explanations of how and why prescribed exercises would help me put my injury into a manageable and understandable framework. Additionally, your patience when explaining again why certain activities should not be done versus scolding was encouraging and much appreciated.


Severe hip pain, complicated by an old back injury, left me limping. However, Natasha monitored my progress, constantly exploring exercises and massage that might strengthen my hip and back muscles. I am indebted to her; she is the consummate professional. I highly recommend Natasha and appreciate the professionalism of the Optivus staff.


I had great results! I was given clear advice on what to do and what not to do for my meniscus tear. The directions for my exercises were precise and thorough. Todd watched my form very closely. This along with an accurate prescription of exercise led to my success and a full recovery!


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*According to Minnesota law, no referral is required to choose your preferred physical therapy clinic. However, some insurances may require a doctor referral. Contact our support staff if you have questions regarding this.